Not looking to teach or instruct? So help us recruit! With just six or more participants around the theme or activity of your choice, we'll happily compensate you with most of your expenses paid, including a generous stipend. That's right! You'll enjoy all of the benefits of our Holistic Wellness Center accommodations, adventurous day trips and other group activities, paid for and then some!

Of course, we welcome anything fine-arts related. But other events we've hosted and ideas we're into, include quilting, weaving and textile activities, book clubs, photography and video, birding and other natural exploration, and more! Toss us a proposal to the email address above, and hit us up on our Hosted Events page for a peek at what we've scheduled so far.


. . . by sharing your experience, knowledge, and skills with other creative minds who think as globally as you do, whether they live locally or hail from abroad.

Now Recruiting: Attend or be well compensated to lead one of our international Hosted Events in 2020!

All inquiries:

We're currently accepting applications for spaces still available in 2019, and for 2020 up to one year in advance.  Collaborations are encouraged. Please inquire.

From time to time an artist must unexpectedly reschedule, or for some other reason we have a space or two we're eager to fill on short notice. If interested, please inquire regarding availability and ask about our expedited application process.

Before applying, if you haven't already, please check out our Residency Details page, to be sure we're a good fit for you and your work.

When you're ready, start any time, from this link on any of our pages:

Save and return as often as you need until ready to submit your application. 

. . . by Intercultural ODYSSEYS, a different kind of Artists' Colony in Costa Rica.

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE PROGRAM                                                                       HOSTED LIFELONG LEARNING ADVENTURES



 Exploring Art and Culture in Costa Rica


Because the time you dedicate to your art is precious, the ODYSSEYS one-of-a-kind Artist Residency offers two options for your living accommodations and workspace: Home Stay with a carefully selected local host family, most meals included, or our  partnering Holistic Wellness Center, where if desired, meals are catered and delivered on demand. We encourage writers, composers, choreographers, visual artists, textile artists and artists in all other disciplines, emerging or established, from anywhere in the world, to apply for one of our residencies.

Creativity abounds in our community, inspiring artists in all disciplines locally and from around the world. Art flourishes inside the walls of our urban galleries and museums, as well as outdoors in nature and on the street. And our location couldn't be better: San Ramón de Alajuela, renowned "City of Poets," surrounded by the equally renowned hills of "Las Musas" (The Muses), Costa Rica.

Applications accepted year-round and up to one year in advance. Reviewed through a rigorous  committee-selection process.