photographer / videographer-in-residence

From Québec, Canada, Myriam Lambert was our visualartist-in-residence, putting her French and English aside to advance her Spanish remarkably in only eight weeks. With her photography and videography project she created a striking work on site at San Lucas Island, which from 1873 to 1991 was a penal island for violent criminals whose lives were short and often spent in torture. Costa Rican novelist José León Sánchez wrote "La Isla de Hombres Solos/Island of Lonely Men.  Myriam's images contrasting the red carpet with this desolate locale, were on display for  the Inauguration event followed by a month-long exhibit at Costa Rica's National Gallery. For complete information and photos of "Differences/Similitudes" as well as Myriam's other work, visit her on the web:


James Halford from Brisbane, Australia was in residence with ODYSSEYS Costa Rica for two months during which he completed a 30,000-word first draft of his current novel-in-progress. His story “The Counterfeit General,” was runner up in the 2012/13 Wet Ink short story prize, published in a special online edition of Wet Ink. To read more on James and his work, we encourage you to visit him here:

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Writers are provided a private space with standard desk or table and chair (adjustable when possible).


Composers are provided private work space for their own equipment, or if desired, access to a piano or professional electronic keyboard (must be arranged for during the application process.)

          Visual artists

Visual artists are provided work space and are invited to exhibit at local venues when possible. Many of our visual artists are photographers, videographers, multi-media artists and plein-air painters who work out and about. Our host families typically have indoor and covered outdoor garden areas with natural light and space for work tables, easels, etc... Visual artists who require more elaborate indoor studio space must request this during the application process. In general, equipment and supplies are the responsibility of each artist.

Artist Residency 

             Costa Rica

What to expect as an artist-in-residence with Intercultural ODYSSEYS

Our International Artist Residency welcomes applications from artists from around the world in just about every genre imaginable. If you can imagine it and have the professional skills to make it happen during your residency--we do everything possible to provide you with the uninterrupted time, space and inspiration you need.

Each artist in residence is provided the following:

  • Selection Committee review and evaluation of portfolio or manuscript.
  • Odysseys standard food and lodging accommodations: private bedroom and most meals in a Home Stay with a carefully selected host family.
  • Individual work space as described below according to artist's discipline.
  • Common living space (living room/dining room/outdoor areas) which may be shared with the family or may be separate for artists.
  • Weekly laundry services, housecleaning and change of bed & bath linens.
  • Internet in the home when possible. May be available from a shared work station or by WiFi. If Internet in the home is required for the artist to complete their residency, this must be stipulated in the application.
  • Abundant and inexpensive local Internet cafes within walking distance of the home stay.
  • Cultural immersion into a truly community-based Artists' Colony.
  • Opportunities to practice Spanish or learn some (a working knowledge is helpful but not required, classes and tutoring available)
  • Preference to residencies of one month or longer. Requests for shorter residencies, especially two weeks or less are allowed, but may be reserved for returning artists--those who have previously been in residence with Odysseys.
  • Same-day as arrival or next-morning orientation to the program and Costa Rica, with a tour of San Ramón.
  • An after-dinner Tuesday Evening Soirree and one local outing hosted by ODYSSEYS each week for all artists in residence to share time with each other, local artists when possible, and with the Program Director.
  • Encouragement (never required) to share work: open studios, presentations and readings, etc...                          
  • When possible these opportunities will also be provided publicly at least once during an artist's residency, often at the end, at appropriate local venues such as SiNEM (Institute for the National System of Music Education) the Figueres Museum and Cultural Center and our favorite venue for events that combine readings, music in concert and visual art, Costa Rica Regional Museum of San Ramon
  • Optional outings to explore galleries, museums, theatres and other aspects of local culture, as well as adventure trips to beaches, volcanoes, and other natural wonders of Costa Rica will be scheduled with the input of all artists in residence.

Residency Fee

Covers all of the above, plus:

  • airport pick-up
  • private bedroom
  • shared bathroom (bathroom is usually shared with other artists, not the host family--private bathroom can sometimes be arranged during the application process)
  • work space in the home and/or outside the home as arranged during the application process
  • breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday 

Single Artist Residency Fee

Calculated in U.S. dollars as follows:

--Up to one full month counted as 28 nights of Home Stay: 

  • $960

--Up to twenty-one nights:

  • $770

--Up to fourteen nights:

  • $625

--Additional nights per category above:

  • $32 per night 

--Additional fee for overnight companion--depends on space availability and must always be arranged in advance with Odysseys staff:

  • $32 per night

Artist Couple (or artist with non-artist companion who are a couple) Residency Fee:

Calculated in U.S. dollars as follows:

--Up to one full month counted as 28 nights of Home Stay:

  • $1,500

--Up to twenty-one nights:

  • $1,155

--Up to fourteen nights:

  • $940

--Additional nights per category above:

  • $48 per night

Not covered by the Residency Fee:

  • international airfare
  • taxi or other transport fare to the airport on departure
  • travel or health insurance
  • costs related to optional travel and outings